Best Motion Games For iPad 3 And 2, Download accelerometer games for iPad

    The iPad’s larger screen and high resolution graphics give way to better tilt games that utilize the accelerometer. The implementation of the accelerometer and its inclusion in the mechanics of various games is nothing new anymore. So here is a list of best motion controlled games for Ipad 2 & 3.

     1.Real Racing HD

    Real Racing HD offers the most realistic racing experience available on iPad. With all the content of the iPhone version plus enhanced features, graphics and gameplay to take full advantage of what iPad and iOS4.2 are capable of, this is hand-held racing like you’ve never seen before. Are you ready for all the excitement, competition and glory that only real championship racing can deliver?

    2.Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition

    Roll around the Far East, as you tilt and steer one of four adorable monkeys through 125 themed mazes and a beautiful world of cherry blossoms. Just grab your bananas along the way to earn extra lives before time runs out. It’s so easy to play, even a monkey could do it!!

    3.Labyrinth 2 HD

    Labyrinth 2 is one of the absolutely very best games in the App Store. I didn’t know Labyrinth could be this deluxe, fun, challenging, easy, and addicting. Illusion Labs gives you absolutely everything with great levels already made, a level editor, local multiplayer, and access to a potentially limitless supply of more levels.

    4.Little Metal Ball HD

     Little Metal Ball is the ultimate top-down full-tilt platform adventure and is now the perfect game for the iPad.
    XMG Introduces Little Metal Ball HD! Based on the original, #1 Worldwide app, this new version is optimized for the iPad and lets you see even more of the 60 amazing levels! Little Metal ball HD includes all of the original LMB levels plus 20 new levels introduced in LMB Gold and LMB HD.

    5.Flick Fishing HD

    Fully animated “living” environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available now for the Apple iPad.
    Fully animated “living” environments combine with intuitive real-life controls to create the best fishing game available on the iTunes App Store! Included free in Flick Fishing HD are both the Private Beach Pack and Fishing Pro Pack. This, combined with a new Brag system, means your favorite game just got even better!

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