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    Google’s Android phones have come a long way within just 3 years. With the introduction of the Gingerbread Android platform and the new upcoming Ice Cream OS along with high speed 4g connectivity more and more people are surfing the web. So, it is only natural that Android users are in search of browsers that render pages faster, load up quickly and offer user friendly features. Let’s get right down to it and review the Top 3 Android Browsers based on Android Market Place downloads and customer satisfaction.

    1.Opera Mini Browser


    With over 230,000 downloads, this browser has a super-fast rendering engine which loads websites in record time and many other useful features which will make surfing the web fast, fun and enjoyable. Opera Mini’s main features include:

    Speed Dial Showing The List Of Favorite Websites At A Glance

    Address Bar And Toolbar That Adjusts Automatically
    High Encryption For Security
    Multitask With Opera Tabs
    URL Auto Completion Engine
    Auto Zoom Capability
    Full Social Media Interaction
    Advanced Download Manager
    Off-Line Webpage Reader

    Download opera mini

    2.Dolphin HD Browser

    It is one of the most popular browsers for Android devices with over 400,000 downloads listed at the Android Marketplace. It has received Cnet’s Top 100 Android recommendation and many other rewards as well. It is extremely user-friendly and offers simple and effortless touch screen interaction. This browser is my personal favorite. List of features include:
    Dolphin Webzine
    Bookmark to SD Card
    Dolphin Ebay Search
    PDF viewer for Dolphin
    Web to PDF
    Dolphin Password Manager
    Dolphin Youtube Search
    Dolphin Screen Cut
    Complete Twitter Integration
    Complete Facebook Integration

    Download Dolphin HD

    3.Skyfire Web Browser New 4.0


    This Browser has been downloaded over 143,000 times on the Android market place. Obviously, it’s a user favorite. Its main focus is social media integration within its browser. For example, users have access to Facebook like button on demand for every website or webpage that they come across. Skyfire’s has many other user friendly features as well which include:

    Flash Video
    Quickview for Facebook
    Quickview for Twitter
    One Touch Search
    Google Reader
    User Agent Searching
    Popular Pages
    Facebook Like Button
    Complete Twitter Integration

    Download Skyfire Web Browser

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