How To Full Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone All Models, Hard Reset Android Secret Code

    Are you looking to find steps to factory reset your Samsung galaxy device then you have landed on the right page and you will find all necessary steps to reset your smartphone.

    Factory format, Factory reset, Hard reset and full factory reset all are same thing and they are used to erase all the data on your mobile and make it as a newly bought device.

    Why Reset a Phone?
    Older devices get bogged down over time and it can accumulate all sorts of junk in a very short time, either from apps, downloads, firmware updates or any number of other sources. So its better to reset your device when your device becomes slow or you have some other reasons.

    Must before a Reset
    Three most important steps before a reset are BACKUP, BACKUP and BACKUP.
    All your data from your music to photos and from contacts to applications will be deleted so make sure that you make a backup of all the important data.

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    Steps to reset your Samsung mobile

    There are basically 3 ways to reset your device which are given below:-

    Option 1
    It is most easy and secure way to reset a Samsung mobile

    Step 1 : Open Applications and select Settings

    Step 2 : Select “Privacy” or “Backup and Reset” (whatever option is there in your mobile)

    Step 3 : Choose “Factory Data Reset” then “Reset Phone” and “Erase Everything”

    Option 2
    Its the secret code method and may not work on some versions on Android

    Step 1 : Open the dial pad of your mobile (where you make phone calls)

    Step 2 : Then Dial the secret code *2767*3855# (Be careful with it as this does not ask for confirmation and will reset your mobile)

    Option 3
    This method is for developers and use this very carefully

    Step 1 : Switch off your Mobile

    Step 2 : Press and hold “Power Button”, “Vol. Up Button” and “Home Button” simultaneously until Samsung Logo Appears 

    Step 3 : Select Factory Data Reset and hit Power Button (use volume up and down keys to scroll)

    This is our complete guide to reset Samsung Smartphones. If you have any comments or suggestions then please Contact Us or comment below 

    Caution: Use these on your own risk, We don’t take any responsibility. 

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    1. Dood reset my prime grand with out knowing the person that originally set it up. Now I’m locked out with no way of recovering the original Samsung account.. is it game over for this prime??? Or is their still hope

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