How to Check Manufacturing Date of Sony Xperia Mobile

    All the mobile phones have certain codes and serial numbers printed on the device which can help you to get certain insights about the mobile like manufacturing date, place of manufacturing, hardware used and so on…..

    So if you wanna buy a second hand Sony Xperia mobile or check if the new phone you are buying is indeed new or not. Or maybe just to check how old is your mobile, this article will help you to find the manufacturing date of your smartphone. Since there are various models of Sony Xperia Mobile so we will continue this guide in a suitable manner.

    Steps to check Sony Xperia Manufacturing Date

    Step 1: Find the FCC Sticker

    Our first aim is to find the FCC sticker on the mobile. FCC is a sticker which contains lot of serial numbers and few barcodes, it may be present on the below locations

    • Open the case, get the battery out. You will see a lot of serial number.
    • On a sliding sticker inside the micro SD or SIM card slot (refer image below)

    FCC Sticker Sony Xperia

    Step 2: Look for a code like **W** on FCC sticker

    The first ** stands for the manufacturing year, and the last two indicate the week of manufacturing. For example, 15W08 means that the device was manufactured on the 8th week of 2015. Similarly, 13W13 stands for 13th week of 2013.

    guide sony manufacturing date
    However this doesn’t means that this phone was first used during this time. This just means that phone was manufactured during this time in the factory. So please don’t confuse manufacturing date with start date of mobile phone, like the device was built in 2016 but was unboxed previous month then also manufacturing date will be somewhere in 2016.

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    This guide will work for most of the Sony Xperia and other Sony mobiles like Sony Xperia Z series, Xperia U series, Xperia S series, Xperia M series, Xperia XA and XZ series smartphones. For any type of queries or suggestions comment below and we will revert back to you.

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