How To Backup Bookmarks In Mozilla Firefox All Versions Easily

    Bookmarks are the simplest way to store all the websites which we like in our internet browser. We all search internet for various things and we bookmarks those sites which we want to visit again.
    Most of the people uses Mozilla Firefox as their default web browser.

    But problem arises when we want to change our computer or or our computer is having same problem and is going to be formatted. But when we do so we are not able to get those bookmarks back.

    Here I will give you easy steps to backup your bookmarks and reinstall them to you new computer or any computer with firefox installed

    Step 1: Open Mozilla Firefox

    Step 2: Click ctrl+shift+B, Now bookmark library will open

    Step 3: Now click on import and backup on top of your screen and select export bookmarks to html

    Step 4: Enter the name with which you want to save it

    Step 5: To install bookmarks click on import bookmarks from html and select the file.

    Now you can easily backup your bookmarks when you nee.

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