New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Secret Codes, Hidden Menu Galaxy Note Four

    There are various secret codes and options inside your mobile about which you may not be aware. Here in this article, we will be talking about many such secret codes of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone which we can use to access hidden tools and information about our phone.

    Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    Here, We are going to show you how to access the internal function of Galaxy Note 4 for testing the various hardware parts of your phone, if they are working properly or not.

    With the help of this secret code you can test LCD, vibration, camera, sensor (accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, magnetic sensor), touch screen, speaker, subkey, etc… if you have any hardware problem with your Galaxy Note 4 you can identify with this code if it is working or not to do this follow the steps below.

    First of all, open your Keypad (where you dial phone numbers)

    Then dial the secret code *#0*# 

    Now you will get a screen with the title LCD TEST and below that you have lots of options to test various hardware parts of your phone such as speaker, sensor, LCD, etc.

    • To go back use the right physical button.
    • While testing the touch you have to touch and mark all the squares (the back button does not work here)

    Other useful Secret Codes tested on Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    1. *#06#

    Check IMEI number of Phone

    2. * #1234#

    Check software version of Phone (AP, CP, CSC). Learn more HERE

    3. *#12580*369#

    To check Software and Hardware information (along with Date of Manufacturing)

    4. *#0228#

    Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)

    5. *#7353#

    Quick Hardware Test (Touch, Sensors, Speaker, Ringer, Camera, etc)

    6. *#2663#

    Check Firmware Version of Samsung Mobile (This code will not work on Replica, so you can check if phone is Genuine or Fake)

    7. *#7780#

    Factory Data Reset Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Soft Reset)

    8. *2767*3855#

    Full factory reset (Don’t dial it does not ask you to confirm unless you have problem)

    View Step-by-Step Guide about Factory Resetting your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

    Also, Check out our Full Extensive list of Samsung Mobile Codes.

    Disclaimer: Some of these codes are intended for experienced users. Do not proceed with any option unless you know what you are doing.

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    1. I just purchased a Note4 from Sprint. Instead of porting the number for me, they gave me a new number. I am trying to program my old number on the device. How do I get the programming code? any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    2. Two wks ago, some shampoo came in contact with my note 4 at the top sensor area ; (at Samsung logo), the screen turned dark & after 5 days in rice, it woks again, but the problem is in yje notification panel; it doesn’t pull down in portrait view unless I use the s-pen.
      I ve made the test, & there’s a problem in both proximity sensor & touch test.
      I m looking for solution, wld u help?
      Best regards

      • Hey Rasha
        As I can see your phone’s hardware is damaged as shampoo may have destroyed it.
        To repair it you need to go to service center otherwise you can just keep using your phone as normal.

      • Hello Paramnathan

        There can be many issues because of which your phone may get heat like – cover blocking the heat flow, many applications running in the background, low signals, battery issue or charging issue.

        Can you please tell how old is your mobile and when it gets heated the most.

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