Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Secret Codes, Galaxy Y Dual Sim Code

    There are various secret codes and options inside your mobile about which you may not be aware of. Here in this article, we will be talking about many such secret codes of Samsung Galaxy Y Duos smartphone which we can use to access hidden tools and information about our phone.

    Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

    Here, We are going to show you how to access the internal function of Galaxy Y Duos for testing the various hardware parts of your phone, if they are working properly or not.

    With the help of this secret code you can test LCD, vibration, camera, sensor (accelerometer sensor, proximity sensor, magnetic sensor), touch screen, speaker, subkey, etc… if you have any hardware problem with your Galaxy Y Duos you can identify with this code if it is working or not to do this follow the steps below.

    First of all, open your Keypad (where you dial phone numbers)

    Then dial the secret code *#0*# 

    Now you will get a screen with the title LCD TEST and below that you have lots of options to test various hardware parts of your phone such as speaker, sensor, LCD, etc.

    • To go back use the right physical button.
    • While testing the touch you have to touch and mark all the squares (the back button does not work here)

    Other usefull Secret Codes tested on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

    1. *#06#

    Check IMEI number of Phone

    2. * #1234#

    Check software version of Phone (AP, CP, CSC). Learn more HERE

    3. *#12580*369#

    To check Software and Hardware information (along with Date of Manufacturing)

    4. *#0228#

    Battery status (ADC, RSSI reading)

    5. *#7353#

    Quick Hardware Test (Touch, Sensors, Speaker, Ringer, Camera, etc)

    6. *#2663#

    Check Firmware Version of Samsung Mobile (This code will not work on Replica, so you can check if phone is Genuine or Fake)

    7. *#7780#

    Factory Data Reset Samsung Galaxy Y Duos (Soft Reset)

    8. *2767*3855#

    Full factory reset (Don’t dial it does not ask you to confirm unless you have problem)

    Get Full steps about Factory Resetting your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

    Disclaimer: Some of these codes are intended for experienced users. Do not proceed with any option unless you know what you are doing.

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    1. Service Mode : the code works, but the screen is blank, no menu is displayed. how do I navigate ? I am trying to change the Quad Band of 3g for use in USA.



    2. Yes, I have seen it can be changed for Galaxy S 9000, so i am guessing even Galaxy Y would have that feature.

      But, that question comes later, currently in Service Mode , I do no see anything, its a blank screen

      Is there anything I need to do to see the service mode menu ?

    3. same problem here. i.e. screen is blank after going in to service mode. I tested few units at service center and all the phones behave in the same way.

      may be a firmware issue or the hardware issue with the series.

    4. Sub key of right side,which is used for gng back, dsnt work properly… Is it software problem or hardware problem? How to solve it?

    5. my sensor was not working properly i used the lcd test…i dont knw wat happned but my screen has turnd upside sensor is stl not working….. pls help….

    6. Its your mobile software problem so its better to take it to nearest service center rather doing experiments with it.

      Or you can try doing hard reset but good option is to take it to nearest service center

    7. Thx for the info above, however my duos switches off at random times regardless of battery state etc. Can u assist with a fix or suggestion for testing or analysing.
      Thx – Craig…

    8. Try clearing your ram
      Deleting unused applications

      The mobile switches off due to many reasons mainly high temp
      So remove any cover or case on the mobile

      The best way is to take it to service center as they are more experienced and handle your problem in a better way

    9. My Mic wasnt working, i could hear the people calling me, but they couldn't hear me.
      I switched in off and then on again to solve the problem, but now they still can't hear me, and i can't hear them anymore….
      When i put it on loudspeaker it all works fine..
      Can you help me?

    10. very useful to delete samsung account when you forgot the password of samsung account
      *2767*3855# Full factory reset

    11. hey dude my phone is not working touch yar i typed somthing it sows touchversion 2.0 and down update i pressed update and sudenlly cancelled so, thats it my touch is not working any body help me plz plz

    12. I am facing problem in incoming calls or sms. My friends and family members often say that my phone is not recieving calls or sms. I am totally frustrated with this problem. Plzzz help.

    13. Really its a nice blog.
      My duos y get hanged and shows that Force close or wait for home screen.
      I am using 16 gb card in cell.
      But when i cleanef my card to 2gb still it is showing the same problem.

    14. Sir i hve tried a code for touch version and it shows me touch version along with update i pressed on update button but by then my touch is not working plz help me sir i have Samsung Galaxy Y duos

    15. i'm using samsung galaxy y duos. every time i restart my phone my memory card gets formatted without any warning or anything even my media files are being corrupted. i was hoping maybe master reset would help me deal with the issue. can you please post the master or hard reset code?

    16. i purchase Samsung galaxy s Duos 4-11-12 till today is going fantastic but form tomorrow i m having problem with internet, when i start my mobile data connection it shows connection on and sign of internet but i cant access the internet, i can use in wi-fi but not use in data plan my both sim card data plan is activated but error “Authentication via the proxy server was unsuccessful”…….. >>>>>>> Please solve my problem …… give me solution how to solve my problem

    17. hi,
      in 2012 i used *2767*3855# this to format my phone…. and i was succeed…. but in 2013 when i am trying to use *2767*3855# this to fully format my phone this not working and nothing happened after inputting this number… same situation for *#7780# also other codes working fine..

      anyone please help…

      nb: i was updated something via builtin / default software update in the last of 2012 and my phone is an unrooted phone

    18. Hi..everytme i wish to change my wallpaper amd wallpaper lockscreen,blackscreen will appear and it will no longer respond and it will blink as well.. Galaxy y duos..

    19. How to increase Keypaid Tones in Samsung Galaxy Y Duos….I Have Increased All Volumes Ringtone, Media and Alaram Tones But Still Keypaid Tones and Screen Lock and Unlock Too Low…Please Help Me Out.

    20. reboot it… turn off your phone.. after that hold press the volume up and also hold press the menu botton likewise the power botton…
      select options

    21. I have Samsung GT-C3312 and Reliance GSM Sim Card

      Mere Pass bar-bar Ek Reply aata hai. Reply hai,

      Last sms charges . Available balance is ……………

      plases help me

      mene har tarh se phone check kar liya hai par bar-bar ukt mgs aara hai.
      please help me.

    22. I have this phone and it lags like hell in some games and even custom roms also like technoduos v1.5 no luck and most of the app s doesnt compatible from playstore as it is only an armv6 alway crash in games which is annoying due to its gpu or maybe no gpu ram also is very low except its cpu 832 mgh as for the price of this phone if samsung atleast make this like htc explorer hardware as the price is almost identical i think it will be an impressive handset.

    23. I have samsung galaxy Y duos- GT-S6102.
      from 2 days back I ma facing an issue.
      I have set PIN password for unlock, but recently whenever I press the PIN the phone vibrates.
      I don't want the vibration, I have checked all settings in SOUND, but no use.
      Can any GURU help me pleas ein this issue.


    24. Hello Sachin
      You must enabled tactile feedback on your mobile that is why it is vibrating
      To turn off tactile feedback Go to settings –> location and security –> uncheck use tactile feedback

      Reply for any other issue

    25. hi my daughter has a Samsung chat 357 phone she has forgot her password to unlock phone. is there any way of getting round this to unlock phone thanks

    26. hi im having a problem with my galaxy y duos the touch pad is not working properly most of the time its stock and doesnt work i restart but the problem remains..pls someone help me 🙁 thanks in advance

    27. first you have to root your phone.
      > download "" for s6102
      then download " system app remover" and install it on your phone

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