Secret Features Of iPhone 8 You Need To Know

    If you have purchased new iPhone, then you must be excited to explore its features. There are so many interesting features that are definitely worth appreciating. However, there are some features that even regular users don’t discover easily.

    For example, if you have iphone 6s and if you have been using it for a long time then there is still a high possibility that you have some features left undiscovered. Those features can only be discovered by doing research about hidden features.

    With advanced phones like iPhone 8, the possibility of finding undiscovered features becomes higher. With time to time advancement in iphone, there are huge improvements in technology and there are huge expansions in feature area as well.

    For example, there were less varieties of iPhone covers for old versions of iPhone but the variety of cases and covers have been increased to such a high level that it is possible for anyone to find unique and preferred style and design in case or cover quite easily.

    Secret Features Of iPhone 8

    1. Faster Charging:

    If you want to charge your phone quickly then the easiest way for you to do it is to engage Flight Safe Mode in your phone which will save the extra consumption of energy in your phone and that will help you to get faster charging advantage.

    2. URL Suffixes:

    When you type a URL then URL suffixes will be highly assistive for you. When you will hold the full stop icon, then you would be able to see a short cut series of URL suffixes so that you can simply choose one suffix and it will speed up your URL typing.

    3. Find Out Your Description In Phone:

    When your phone gives you something that is exactly what you need then it is due to the background data gathering process that allows the iphone to know you. View it – Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations.

    4. Toolbox Essential Replacement:

    Compass is one of the many exciting features of iPhone. The secret function of this feature is fulfilling DIY duties for you and it also brings spirit level when you wipe the compass to the left.

    5. Lock Focal Point Of Your Camera:

    If you want steady lock of focal point then you should tap on the screen of your phone, press it until you see ‘AF Locked’. This will allow you to keep your focal point steady even when you move, turn or swing around.

    6. Custom Vibrations:

    If you want to make sure that the vibrations of your phone does not bother you or if you want to make sure that you feel the vibration even when you have back cover then you should create a custom vibration that will be perfectly suitable for your requirement.

    7. Siri’s Pronunciation Correction:

    Siri’s basic language is English and it is a machine so you cannot exactly expect it to pronounce each word accurately. Pronunciation problem occurs mostly with the names and you can correct the pronunciation so that your phone pronounces it right.

    8. Close Multiple Applications In One Click:

    With the help of clutter quicker, your phone will work faster and you would be able to close three applications at one time without any problem. It will be double-quick in its actions.

    9. Music Timer:

    Music timer is one of the most amazing features of iPhone. In the Clock Application, you will find a timer option. You can add music to the specific time and music will start playing instead of alarm tone.

    10. Taking Picture Without Touching Phone:

    You can control the volume button to take pictures in your iPhone. No matter what kind of back cover you are using, camera of your phone will never be covered and taking picture from volume control button makes it even easier to get clear pictures.

    Apple iPhone Siri ios

    If you will search online a bit about hidden features of your phone then you will definitely be able to find out more outstanding features that will amaze you. You just need to make sure that you are searching for the model of your phone.

    Just like there is different case for every single smart phone, similarly, features of smart phone slightly differ. Technology differs from time to time and that results in the variation or differentiation of features as well.

    Basically, just like you make sure that you buy a flip cover for exact model of your mobile, you need to search for features that are exactly for the version of the mobile that you have. Then, you would be able to find the most accurate results and you would be able to discover more about your phone.

    Image Source: digitalspy

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