Best 3 Smartphones for Active Social Media Users

    The advancement of smartphones has contributed to the stable growth of social networks. Initially, Facebook was so well established and with much popularity since it was not only accessible through the PCs and smartphones but also supported by small devices with lower operating systems. Although this site still leads in popularity with over 1,900 million active users, other social sites have developed and are gaining much popularity, thanks to smartphones.
    A lot of people spend much of their free time on social sites than they do spend physically with their loved ones. At least, with social media, you can interact with as many people as you will ever meet throughout your entire life. Smartphones have made it easier, because it’s only a single click and there you go, online. You can connect and sync your accounts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, YouTube, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, the list is endless.

    General Features for a Good Social Media Smartphone

    All smartphones are good for social media usage, but some are better than others. Find out below some of the many factors that contribute to their efficiency;

    a) Storage

    The phone storage should be higher and compatible with expandable SD card, so that when the memory runs low, storage can be shifted to the SD card. The social media applications require an enormous amount of storage basing on the downloaded size and data stored, especially if you are focusing on having all sorts of social apps.
    Another factor that calls for storage is creation of images and videos. After all, most social sites are always about sharing of pictures and videos.

    b) Camera

    Since social sites are about sharing, you will need to have a good camera for taking those excellent photos and videos to share out with loved ones on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and more.

    c) RAM

    The higher the Random Access Memory, the higher the processing speed and performance of your phone. In order to effectively run your social media apps, the CPU needs to work and manage them.

    d) Battery life

    Staying active on social media will definitely drain your phone battery, because the internet is also required. If you don’t check on this while purchasing your phone, then be ready to spend less than 6 hours on active usage before getting a rude alert of an empty battery.
    Top Smartphones for Active Social Media Users

    1. Asus ZeFone 2

    Asus Zenfone 2

    This smartphone is among the few android devices that have a storage space of up to 64 GB. This memory is superb for any active social media user with several accounts from all platforms.


    • It is factory unlocked and therefore compatible with most carriers including AT&T, Straight Talk, T-Mobile, Net10, and more. It is however unsupported by CDMA networks, like US Cellular, Verizon or Sprint.
    • It is a dual Smartphone. The first SIM supports 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE networks while the latter supports only 2G.
    • Its high speed processor is quad core, 2.3GHz
    • The phones has a 4 GB RAM, hence provides a higher performance. You can navigate between different running apps without the phone hanging or being sluggish.
    • The screen display is 5.5 inch, with a Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a viewing angle of 178 degrees. The display has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pi.
    • The main autofocus camera is 13MP while the front camera is 5 MP. You can therefore take high quality images and videos with ease, even in low light conditions. The front camera allows you to take selfies up to 140˚.
    • ZenFone 2 has a touch response sensitivity of 60ms
    • The operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
    • It features a premium ergonomic arc design to make it easy to hold with a perfect fit to the palms. You can therefore hold it comfortably, all day without straining your hands.
    • Battery charging is quick and would take you about 2 hours, and would last you as long as 24 hours, of staying online.

    2. Apple iPhone 7

    Apple iphone 7
    As you keep updated on the newest Apple products, your social media experience also gets to a higher level. With the 128 GB of storage, you don’t even need additional external memory. You will remain active for as long as you want with no limiting factors such as battery life or water accidents. You can Skype while on the swimming pool, video record on a rainy day, and do much more with no worries.


    • The phone features a 3D multi-touch display, which is hyper-responsive. The display is 4.7 inches.
    • The main camera is 12MP while the front camera is 5MP. It features optical image stabilization for reducing blur caused by motion or handshake. This iPhone has 3x longer exposure as compared to iPhone 6.
    • It has been designed to be dust and water-resistant. It can therefore withstand spills, splashes and dust.
    • The phone has powerful stereo speakers.
    • The battery life is long-lasting and will last up to 10 days when on standby mode.
    • The phone storage is 128 GB.

    3. Samsung Galaxy S8

    Samsung Galaxy S8
    Galaxy S8 is a perfect water resistant phone with a display of 5.8 inches HD+. The screen has a resolution of 2960 x 1440 pi. It is a perfect item for any active social media user, as it enables you to multitask, resize the windows and deal with multiple apps at ago.


    • The Galaxy S8 has a front 8MP autofocus and 12MP rear camera, with optical image stabilization.
    • The phone memory is 64 GB with a RAM of 4 GB. The storage is expandable by a microSD card of up to 256 GB.
    • Supports both wired and wireless charging.
    • It features an octa-core processor, hence exhibiting a higher performance and processing speed.
    • Battery life is long lasting and for internet users, you will have uninterrupted social media access with a high speed internet (4G) for up to 12 hours.
    • Samsung Galaxy S8 is a dual SIM model. You can choose to use 2 Nano SIM or just a single SIM and a microSD.

    Author’s Bio
    As a technology manager on Le Meilleur Avis, I have access to various smartphones, PCs, Bluetooth devices, headphones and many other tech products. I do my best to review every aspect of these products and that includes apps. All smartphones are good for social media usage, but some are better than others due to factors such as storage and even speed. This review explains the best of them.

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